• Core Offerings
    We provide business consulting and architectural services
    Our focus areas are Data Sciences, Cloud Services,
    Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Devices.

Data Sciences

  • Linear Regression and Correlation,
  • Probabilistic Quantification,
  • Support Vector Machines,
  • and Decision Tree Methods
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Cloud Services

The expertise is at advisory level. Our consultants work with both business and technical decision makers at senior levels. Read More

Enterprise Mobility

TruVs will help you articulate the right strategy, assist you in planning tactical execution and provide expert services. Read More

Enterprise Devices

Any electronic and/or computer equipment in combination with embedded application software, which can be used in an enterprise... Read More

What we do?

We develop technology solutions in the following focus areas:

  • Data Sciences
  • Cloud Services
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Enterprise Devices

We lead our technology solutions using the following services:

  • Business consulting
  • Architectural Services

How we are different?

  • Deep industry expertise 
  • Our "solution accelerator" and "custom software" approach
    • Solution accelerators help you to rapidly build solutions
    • Our custom software approach helps our customers to differentiate well
  • Architectural expertise in the areas of focus
  • Lean consulting approach to realize Value or fail quickly
  • Lower risk because of Fixed Bid approach or outcome based approach

Our Core values


  • We strive to earn the trust of our customers
  • We believe in sound long term relationships
  • We commit to business only if it’s a win/win situation

Value Driven

  • Our business processes are fine tuned to create maximum value
  • We endeavor to provide maximum bang for the buck

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