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Introducing GanitzTM, a pathfinder solution to the world of Data and specifically Data Sciences.

What is GanitzTM?

  • Ganit means mathematics in Sanskrit
  • GanitZTM = Math or Data sciences for new generation

GANITZTM is a technology platform designed to solve business problems around Return-on-Investment, Profit maximization, and Revenue sustenance with profound customer engagement and feedback on product development. GanitzTM uses a patented Data Science and machine learning algorithm, operating over both structured and unstructured data. It is a standing algorithm centric platform, which can solve some of the most complex business problems.

LOB Advantage

Enable Line of Business applications to be mobile-ready and secure .

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Cloud path finder

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Cloud Path Finder helps to navigate through cloud hype and clutter and helps you decide if your enterprise can take advantage of cloud technology