KPIs and Data Sciences

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are so commonplace in measuring business performance. It is not uncommon to find businesses using variety of KPIs to measure the health of the business. KPIs not only help businesses with something tangible to work with but also sets the direction for the entire organization. Its a known fact that, many executive… Read More »

Time Value of Data

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” is a statement we all have heard. Similarly, the concept of the “time value of data” says that the faster the business information is available to the business, the more valuable it is. In fact, the data or information might lose its value completely after certain period. This is not… Read More »

“Accelerate growth and expand margin” – Isn’t a buzz word statement anymore.

BBusinesses love the statement “Accelerate growth and expand margin.” They also like statements like “reduce risk,” “improve market share,” “multiply shareholder value,”  “sustainable value creation,” and so on.   Many reputed consulting firms modify these statements in many ways to sell their expensive $400 an hour services.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am not diminishing… Read More »

Don’t just join the Bandwagon… Accelerate in Data Sciences.

The ROI on sound Data Science investments is insanely high. Leaving money on table is never a good decision.  Building something valuable and sustainable needs high-quality implementation. Becoming a “me too” player without a competitive strategy is not going to help you. Faster and successful implementation of Data Science means faster to market and faster… Read More »

Big data’s transition from Hype to Hope

“Big data” has crossed the Hype phase and entered into the Hope phase. Today, both business decision makers and technology decision makers are aware of the basics of leveraging Big data. This is mostly true especially for the organizations that are already leveraging technology to run their core businesses.  Nevertheless, the quality of your business actions… Read More »