Cloud Services

Typical Business Questions About Cloud Services

  • Should my organization leverage Cloud-based services and solutions?
  • Can someone help me create a business case?
  • What should be my roadmap for Cloud?
  • Which Cloud-service meets my needs? (e.g. Amazon AWS)
  • Can TruVs ramp-up my staff and make them Cloud-savvy?
  • Can your firm help my firm to navigate through the Cloud Hype and Maze?
  • Why should I hire TruVs for all of my Cloud-based needs?
  • What is the fastest and cheapest way to leverage Cloud technology?

TruVs has helped multiple customers answer the above questions through expertise, alliances and accelerators.


  • Locally available architects and engineers who understand Cloud and are helping other customers.
  • The expertise is at advisory level. Our consultants work with both business and technical decision makers at senior levels.


  • We have alliances and partnerships with premium Amazon, Microsoft and IBM divisions.
  • We also have business relationships with niche cloud players who have capabilities which other vendors do not have.
  • We are platform agnostic and strive our best to recommend what is practical and beneficial to our customers.


  • Cloud assessment roadmap.
  • Cloud scorecard.