Enterprise Devices

What are Enterprise Devices?

Any electronic and/or computer equipment in combination with embedded application software, which can be used in an enterprise, to improve the productivity, quality and efficiency of business operations is an enterprise device. Examples:

  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Portable POS machines
  • Sensor based inventory tracking
  • Custom terminals (Stock markets, Restaurants)


Why Enterprise Devices?

  • With the popularity of mobile devices and rapidly disrupting hardware and software innovations, many business problems can be solved by combining hardware and software solutions.
  • While typical problems are around improving productivity, quality and efficiency of business operations, there is scope for solving issues such as demand generation.


True Value Solutions - Offerings

Advisory Services

True value solutions advisors are involved in understanding the business problem and provide expertise on a fixed-fee basis.

Rapid Prototyping

True value solutions does rapid prototyping for proof-of-concept testing.

Turn key Services

Turn key solutions provide end-to-end services from concept, design, prototyping, development and operationalization.