Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Solutions

Your enterprise is facing the challenge of reaching your increasingly mobile customers and partners. To meet these challenges you need the right strategy and an experienced partner to help you bring that strategy to life. True Value Solutions will help you articulate the right strategy, assist you in planning tactical execution and provide expert services that deliver the right apps and services to maximize your adoption of mobile technologies.

Our experience-driven custom architectural processes along with our dedicated engineers and business analysts provide everything you need to expand your existing offerings and create new opportunities.

Mobile advisory services

  • Our architects work with your business and IT staff to develop your custom mobile strategy.
  • Our business analysts validate your strategy and create detailed product development plans.
  • Our mobility advisors help you assess and leverage existing assets to create your optimal implementation roadmap.
  • We can also help you create a business case to take advantage of new strategic junctures as they occur.

Mobility managed solutions

  • Our team of experienced engineers and business analysts are at your service to help your existing staff to create total solutions for continuously designing, developing, testing and maintaining your end to end mobile software on all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
  • Our team of mobile deployment and operations specialists can deploy, update and monitor your end-to-end solution before, during and after launch.

Custom Mobile app development

  • We offer complete end-to-end architectural, design, development, launch and on-going management services for your mobile solutions and associated back-end service needs.
  • We offer our exclusive proprietary process to assist in porting your existing apps to other mobile platforms with exceptional fidelity and speed.
  • Our architects and program managers can help you determine the best mix of web and native technologies that will deliver a high customer satisfaction and optimal time-to-market solution.