Emerging Technologies

Can the latest and greatest emerging technology solve your sticky business problems?
Or is this emerging technology is just a hype? We can help you figure it out.

Many disruptive technologies are getting invented on an everyday basis. However, many of them may still be emerging and may not have the maturity to solve real-world business problems. We can help you figure it out through this offering. We can quickly do a POC or use the coveted technology to solve a more straightforward business case. We can also mashup multiple technologies. This approach dramatically reduces your risk of failure. Partner with TruVs Inc to reduce the risk of failure when implementing any new technology.
"Cloud" is not necessarily a new technology anymore, but disruptions are happening daily basis in this space. We can help you demystify this space.
Yes, Artificial Intelligence is the future. But do you know how AI can solve your sticky business problems today? We have deep expertise as well as partnerships with top providers to help you in this space.
Blockchain technology has many enterprise use cases in Financial Services, Supply chain and other industry segments. This space is rapidly evolving and TruVs can help you with our expertise in this space.
Emerging Technology
Advisory Service
(What technology means)
We will handhold you and guide you to design an emerging technology for your business.
Emerging Technology
Architectural Service
We provide deep architectural expertise in emerging technologies. For implementation, you can choose us, or you can choose another partner.
Emerging Technology
POC Service
Our POC services help you to explore the emerging technology for a specific business case to help in decision making.
Emerging Technology
Implementation Service
Our implementation service offering will help you implement the Emerging technology using best of the world business and technology practices.

Point of View

Dealing with any emerging technology is tricky. You want to take advantage of the new technology which may solve some of your toughest business problems. The sooner you implement "the" emerging technology, the faster you can gain a competitive advantage. At the same time, you don't want to risk destabilizing your existing processes and systems. TruVs can help you decide with the emerging technology choices and decision making.

Through this offering, you can benefit in multiple ways, such as:

  • Explore implementing the emerging technology for a sample business and share the implementation learnings for a larger scale implementation
  • Accelerate and scale emerging technology if your POC succeeds, and you can see the path for business value realization
  • If the technology is not meeting your needs, fail quickly rather than spending millions of dollars and realizing the same

TruVs has deep expertise and has partnerships with the best technology providers in almost every emerging technology. Partner with TruVs for accelerated business value realization for the upcoming emerging technology.

Success Story

Business Situation: A fortune 50 enterprise customer needed help in implementing Microsoft Azure-based portal using Microsoft SharePoint technology. The enterprise did not have success with other partners and was looking for help. At the time of implementation, Microsoft Azure was an emerging technology. Furthermore, the existing UX did not appeal to the customer and was looking for a revamp of the user interface.

Solution: TruVs Azure, SharePoint architects, and with an experienced UX architect, designed and delivered a POC solution, which gave confidence to the customer for larger-scale implementation. Based on the success of the POC, TruVs was awarded a contract for larger-scale implementation. Subsequently, TruVs successfully implemented a larger-scale solution to meet all the customer’s needs.

Benefits: The emerging technology solution implemented by TruVs had senior-level visibility and was well received by the customer and the user community. TruVs was able to solve an emerging technology problem that other partners could not.