Mistake Proof & Agile QA

"Mistake proof" your business systems.
Improve not only your quality but also productivity with this unique offering

Mistake Proof &
Agile QA
Through this offering you design your systems in such a way that, mistakes do not happen in the first place. If they do happen, learn from them and constantly improve the processes.
Quality is a "must-have" requirement for any business system. Lack of quality can be a costly and painful experience for the business and its stakeholders. Nevertheless, time and again, quality is an afterthought for many business system design and development processes. More importance is given to the delivery of the implementations compared to the quality of the systems because of the market pressures. How do businesses come out of this dilemma? What if enterprises can not only deliver business systems quickly but can also deliver them with world-class quality? With our Mistake Proof and Agile (MPA) - Quality Assurance offering businesses can solve this problem.
Testing required to make sure a business system works as expected. This offering includes System Integrated Testing (SIT), Business Validation Testing(BVT) and User Acceptance Testing(UAT).Testing required to make sure a business system works as expected. This offering includes System Integrated Testing (SIT), Business Validation Testing(BVT) and User Acceptance Testing(UAT).
Agility is incremental value creation, whether it is development, testing or automation. We can also help you scale agility to enterprise level using methodologies such as SAFe.
We have a broad automation testing offering. Automation testing can be limited to "UI" or "API". Automation testing can also be comprehensive across multiple systems such as "End to End"
Quality assurance includes comprehensive quality design and development from both business and engineering. Focus is more on providing quality inputs and defect prevention mechanisms. Quality Assurance is also end to end.

Point of View

Designing and developing business systems can run into millions of dollars, especially for large enterprises. Business systems in large enterprises impact essential stakeholders such as customers, partners, and sometimes even employees. Lack of quality in these business systems have a massive impact on the company's credibility. However, teams that deliver these business systems (engineering and business teams) are also under constant pressure to deliver business systems rapidly. Unfortunately, agility does not mean sacrificing quality (and vice versa). 

Our "Mistake Proof and Agile QA" offering can help businesses build high-quality products without sacrificing the agility. We believe in quality upfront (shift-left) philosophy rather than finding expensive and embarrassing defects late in the development process or production. Our Mistake proofing design process helps you to avoid mistakes in the first place. If mistakes do happen, we learn from them and change our processes so that the same type of mistake will not occur.

Through this offering, enterprises can benefit from

  • Building business systems rapidly without compromising on quality
  • Designing and developing systems in such a way that mistakes are prevented in the first place
  • Continuously improve your design and development processes, so that same type of mistakes is not repeated

Our comprehensive testing and automation testing offerings help businesses to go live defect-free. Partner with TruVs if you want to build high-quality business systems rapidly.

Success Story

Business Situation: A major customer in Pacific Northwest in US had a familiar business problem. The business design team was struggling with capacity problems and was looking for a quality partner who can help them with business validation testing.

Solution: TruVs analysts, developed subject matter expertise quickly and supported the function of business validation testing entirely with little guidance from the customer stake holders. TruVs not only helped with business validation testing but also helped in gradually automating test data preparation process.

Benefits: Customer FTEs who were struggling with capacity problems were able to focus on other business priorities. TruVs analysts performed quality business validation testing with minimum guidance and supervision from the FTEs. Additionally, TruVs consultants value additions such as automation helped further improve productivity of the stakeholders.

TruVs was also able to expand the team and extended the contract with the customer.