Robotic Process Automation

Transform your business operations to be faster,
better and cheaper through Robotic Process Automation

TruVs provides a variety of advanced RPA trainings, which can also be customized to fit your business needs.
Our advisory services help you navigate the RPA world, starting from understanding the technology to find the right software provider.
Our POC services help you to explore the RPA technology for a specific business case to help in decision making.
Our RPA architects can help you design and implement top-notch automation solutions.
RPA has the potential to drastically improve your business operations. It can make operations cheaper by using software robots to do the mundane and repetitive work done by humans. RPA can make operations better by reducing human errors and also being available 24X7. RPA can also improve the velocity of your business process because software robots can perform tasks much faster than humans. Transform your business using TruVs’s comprehensive RPA offerings.
Our implementation service offering will help you implement RPA using best of the world business and technology practices.
Business Process
We can help you accelerate business process discovery using RPA tools through this offering.
Your RPA implementations need TLC once in production. Our support offerings help you run your production implementations smoothly.
Hyper Automation
Through Hyperautomation, we can combine Machine Learning and AI technologies to traditional RPA and solve your toughest automation challenges.

Point of View

If you have not implemented Robotic Process Automation(RPA) to run at least some of your business operations, you are literally leaving money on table. RPA has been in the industry for more than a decade however in the recent past RPA’s growth has taken a much faster trajectory because of technology breakthroughs and also because of rapidly changing RPA software vendor landscape. To understand RPA technology, cut through the clutter and benefit from the technology, you need a strong partner who can help you navigate.

TruVs has the depth and breadth of RPA expertise and can help you starting from trainings to implementation in the world of RPA.

Success Story

Business Situation: A top software giant's major division had a complex ecosystem. The customer needed a way to create different types of complex "deals" in their ecosystem for business validation testing. Data required to be set up in almost 50 screens before business users could start their testing. This was time taking, tedious, and needed expertise on the 50+ screens.

Solution: TruVs RPA architects designed a "chatbot" invoked RPA implementation. Users seamlessly interacted with the "Chatbot" for their needs and the RPA Bot sets up the complex "deal" based on the configuration choices collected from the chatbot.

Benefits: Insulated business users from the complexity of data preparation in a set of systems that had 50+ screens. Additionally, the solution had the following benefits

  • 24X7 availability
  • ~50% improvement in Velocity
  • 100% Accuracy